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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

At McKnight Signature Dental, we recommend treatment based on your goals for your smile, so what will work best depends largely upon you. Dr. Abbie McKnight and Dr. Megan Konz see themselves as educators and guides. They will always go over all of your treatment options and their benefits, helping you make a choice that makes the most sense for your smile.

Here are some of our teeth replacement options.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have fast become one of the most popular tooth replacement options available today. Not only do they look completely natural, but they also fuse with the jawbone. They will not move or shift and assist in preventing bone loss due to a missing tooth.

Dental Bridges

For patients who want a non-surgical way to replace a missing tooth (or teeth), a dental bridge is a time-tested solution. While dental bridges do not have the same bone retention capabilities as dental implants, they do close the gap in the smile and keep teeth from shifting.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you have visions of your grandparents’ bulky dentures, erase that image from your mind. Today’s dentures look more natural and function better than ever. We can even place several implants to secure dentures in place, eliminating any slipping or falling when you laugh, eat, and speak.

If you have missing teeth and you are in the Leawood, Kansas City, MO, Overland Park, or Prairie Village area, contact our dental office to learn more about how to regain your smile.

Dental implants are an investment in the stability of your mouth. When you replace a missing tooth, you gain back esthetics and function. On average, the implant process takes 6-8 months. Although lengthy, it is an excellent option if your health allows. Steps are as follows: consult for implant, implant screw placement, healing evaluation, implant crown fabrication, and implant crown seat.

It is very important to maintain your normal routine hygiene visits with us during this process and after. Even though the implant crown will not decay surrounding teeth and bone can. Our biggest concern with neglecting care while having an implant is peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is a loss of supporting bone structure around the implant that eventually will cause the implant to fail.

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

A night guard may be recommended to protect the new hardware in your mouth. Indications for a night guard would be clenching and grinding at night or your teeth show signs of severe wear or trauma. The guard separates your teeth and places a barrier between them. We know that an implant is an investment in both time and money, therefore, we want to ensure health and longevity.

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