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Technology plays an important role in modern dentistry. It increases comfort, provides patient education, and aids in fast, efficient diagnoses. Our dentists continually update the technology available in our Leawood dental office to provide our patients with the most up-to-date dentistry in the most comfortable manner possible.

At McKnight Signature Dental, we use modern tools and proven methodologies to enhance smiles and contribute to overall wellbeing.

iTero Digital Scanner Machine | McKnight Signature Dental

iTero Digital Scanner

If you have a strong gag reflex, sore gums, or just hate having a mouthful of impression paste, our iTero scanner just might be your favorite piece of technology used at McKnight Signature Dental. Rather than using impression trays, our digital scanner captures the 3-D shape of the tooth for use in restorative dentistry like crowns, bridges, and veneers, making your dental appointment far more comfortable and far less gaggy. 

iTero also replaces the need for impressions for Invisalign clear braces by providing accurate 3-D scans of the teeth used for treatment planning the creation of your aligners.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Because safety is important to our dentists, we implemented digital dental x-rays into our practice over 15 years ago, making us one of the first practices in the area to invest in this technology. Digital dental radiographs result in up to 80 percent less radiation and provide the highest resolution x-rays available today. Like digital photography, our dentists can manipulate the images – adjusting contrast, exposure, and zooming in for the earliest diagnoses possible.

Because our digital system eliminates the need for a darkroom and chemicals, it also supports a healthy environment.

Intraoral Camera

Showing patients precisely what our dentists see when they look into their mouths is an essential tool to educate patients on their oral conditions and to describe the treatment options available. Our intraoral camera is a small, handheld device that captures high-resolution pictures at the click of a button. Our dentists can then display the photo on our treatment room monitor for you to review together.

Intraoral photography is one of the many ways we educate our patients and help them make informed choices. 

Needle-Free Injections with Oraqix

For gum treatments, including deep cleanings for periodontal disease, we eliminate the need for a needle injection by using Oraqix needle-free anesthetic delivery to place anesthetic between the teeth and gums to make treatment pain-free and completely comfortable.

Air Abrasion Handpieces

Using a small instrument that delivers a stream of air with small abrasive particles, we can painlessly remove decay from teeth without the heat and vibration that is common with traditional handpieces. Many of our patients find this treatment so comfortable that they do not need anesthetic for mild instances of decay.

Sedation Dentistry

Most of our patients feel more confident in their dental treatment procedures once they meet our team. For some, however, anxiety is so ingrained that they need some additional help relaxing, which is why we offer sedation dentistry in our Leawood dental practice. We never want patients to feel unnecessarily stressed or fearful. Prescription medication induces a deep state of relaxation. Many patients report that they have little or no memory of their procedure and feel completely at ease.

Sedation dentistry is also beneficial for patients with an overactive gag reflex and who have difficulty getting numb.

A full medical history and medication review will help our dentists determine if sedation is safe for you.

You will need to have someone bring you to our office and give you a ride home. You should plan on relaxing for the rest of the day while you recover from your treatment and the effects of sedation wear off.

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